Integrated Area Plan 2004

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Kilkenny local authorities have established a cross-sectoral Monitoring Committee. It is the responsibility of this committee to monitor progress on the implementation of the IAP and to provide guidance on how delays or barriers to implementation can be eliminated. The Monitoring Committee adopt an ongoing, proactive role throughout the period of the IAP. The monitoring Committee consists of a maximum of nine members.

The purpose of the Monitoring Committee is to: monitor progress in achieving the objectives of the IAP; establish performance indicators in relation to meeting the objectives of the IAP and against which progress can be measured; identify and deal with problems or barriers which may arise and which are causing delay in the implementation process; address any change in circumstances since the preparation of the IAP; and respond to any unforeseen opportunities which may present themselves. There are presently two sub-committees including the Employment and Community gain group.


Integrated Area Plan Members:

  • John McGuinness, Constituency Office, O'Loughlin Road, Kilkenny.
  • Cllr. Martin Brett, Derdimus, Callan Road, Kilkenny.
  • Cllr. Andrew McGuinness, Constituency Office, O'Loughlin Road, Kilkenny.
  • Mr. Timothy Haide, 9 Ossory Park, Kilkenny.
  • Mr. Ray Scanlon, Youthlynx, Upper John Street, Kilkenny.
  • Cllr. Joe Cody, 11 Noremount, Kilkenny.
  • Mr. Kieran Fitzgerald, Kilkenny County Council.
  • Ms. Claire Keneally, C/o. Loughboy Area Resource Centre, Bishop Birch Training Centre, Nuncio Road, Kilkenny.
  • Cllr. Pat Fitzpatrick, Constituency Office, O'Loughlin Road, Kilkenny.
  • Mr. Sean McKeown, Kilkenny Co. Enterprise Board, 42 Parliament Street, Kilkenny.
  • Mr. Liam Carroll, Ossory Park, Kilkenny.